Queens and Rattlers Battle in the Snake Pit

The Red Deer Queens stepped into the Snake Pit to take on the Rattlers, winners of their last 4 straight. Hoping to continue the trend, the Rattlers looked to take advantage of home court and come away with a win in the opener of the weekend series. The teams opened by trading side outs on the first points of the set. The Queens from here started to take control of the set and dominated with their offence. Able to execute very well they were able to jump out to a 17-9 lead, forcing the rattlers to take a timeout. Things did not get any better for the home side as the Queens continued to dominate making quick contacts and finishing fast. Also able to pass up more of the Rattlers attacks, the Red Deer squad quickly won the first set 25-15.

The second set started much like the first. Red Deer was able to control the play again through perfect offensive execution and a strong defensive side. They again jumped out to an impressive early lead. up 12-4 and forced the Rattlers to call a timeout in an effort to grasp at anything. The Queens looked calm and collected and just went about their business on the court. With terrible efficiency the Queens tore through the Rattlers D, only giving up points on a very few errors. During the middle of the set the Rattlers started to mount a comeback. Able to chip away slowly the Rattlers narrowed the margin to 4 trailing 18-22 and forced the queens to call a timeout. As the back and forth continued the Rattlers faced a 24-22 deficit, calling a timeout in an effort to ice the server. This worked as the Rattlers battled back to take a 25-24 lead and forced the Queens to take their second timeout. A marathon set filled with a couple long battles and key momentum points won each way. The RDC queens took the set 29-27 in an extremely close battle.

The Queens opened the set looking hot again but the Rattlers answered firmly to tie the set at 4 aver starting 3-0 down. From here the teams traded points until 8 all and the home side started to finally click. This along with some Red Deer errors added up to a decent Rattlers lead as the game entered the later stages. They were up 18-10 and pulling away, this forced the Queens to take a timeout in an effort to stem the bleeding. The Rattlers looked to capitalize as all they needed was to trade side outs for a victory. The Queens started to chip away like the rattlers last set, but still trailed 23-17 late in the set. but it was too little too late as the home side took the third 25-17.

The fourth set started looking like the Rattlers would easily take the set. opening up a 4-0 lead they looked sharp early. the Queens immediately responded and went on a 8-1 run opening up a 9-5 lead. the rattlers battled back and chipped away slowly in a back and forth game they were down by 5 but battled back to tie the set at 15 before the Queens pulled ahead 19-16 forcing the Rattlers to call a timeout. This didn't help as the queens pulled further away 23-17 forcing the Rattlers to take their second break. The Queens were able to put the Rattlers away winning 25-19 and taking a 3-1 sets victory.