Rattlers win in Season Finale

In their final matchup of the year the SAIT Trojans headed South to Medicine Hat to take on the Rattlers. With a Trojans win the night before, the game was now meaningless in regards to playoff implications as the Trojans had clinched the final playoff spot ending the Rattlers season. The first set opened with the Rattlers taking an early 5-3 lead with the game already having long rallies. The Rattlers continued to hold this lead as the teams settled in and started to trade points. This was not due to side-outs but rather on the back of winning points on rallies. As the score moved into the midway point, the home side led 13-11. With 2 straight the Trojans tied it at 13 before the Rattlers made a side-out. The teams again traded serves and the set remained tied. The Rattlers regained a slight advantage on an ace from Mckenzie Griffith retaking a 2 point lead, 17-15. Coming out of the timeout the home side took control. Scoring at will, the Rattlers erupted and led 22-16.  With a big lead late, the Rattlers only needed to trade side-outs to take the first even with SAIT scoring a few extra points, the Rattlers squeaked out a first set win 25-22.

The second set opened with a quick side out from the visiting Trojans. The Rattlers responded with 5 straight to take a 5-1 lead early. Another Ace from Mckenzie Griffith increased the lead to 6-1 before SAIT could respond. Another sloppy play on the SAIT side of the net saw the Rattlers again increase their lead. now 9-2 the Rattlers continued their strong play. The Trojans started to chip away and started to look like they were gaining the momentum. They reduced the lead to 4 before Medicine hat once again took control. They again jumped out to a big lead, 17-11 as the set approached the breaking point. The Rattlers were now too far in front as they continued to pull away, up 22-13. Again, the Rattlers only needed to cruise to take the second set. They easily took the second winning 25-16 and taking a 2 sets to none lead.

The third set started with the teams trading side-outs for the first two points. SAIT was able to take a small 2 point advantage on a trickle serve over the net. The Rattlers immediately battled back to take a 2 point lead the other way with some impressive offence. The Trojans came right back and tied the set at 7. A much closer set early, neither team had the momentum or advantage. SAIT again broke out to a 2 point lead, 13-11 helped by Rattler errors. SAIT scored again and took a 14-11 lead, forcing the Rattlers to take a timeout. SAIT scored again out of the timeout and took an even bigger lead. The Trojans started to pull away taking a 19-13 lead late in the set. The Trojans cruised and easily took the third set 25-16 and reducing the sets to 2-1.

The 4th set started with SAIT continuing their momentum and scoring a fast side-out. The Rattlers responded right away with one of their own. Stealing the momentum quickly, the Rattlers jumped out to a 4-1 lead thanks to some great serving. The Trojans chipped away slowly staying with the Rattlers but not able to completely close the gap early. SAIT Captain Simiran Dhami went on a tear from the service line and evened the set at 7. The Rattlers responded with a flurry of their own from Megan Hoeber, retaking the lead. they again expanded the lead, 13-8 forcing SAIT to take their first timeout. The Rattlers came out of the break and scored an Ace immediately to maintain their momentum. Another Kill and another Ace saw the Rattlers double the Trojans 16-8. The Rattlers continued to play strong and pull away further they increased the lead to 10 and led 20-10. The home side continued to pull away and won the set 25-12 and 3 sets to 1.