Rattlers Take Broncos in straight sets.

The Olds College Broncos took the long bus ride to visit the Medicine Hat College Rattlers for a weekend series. The Last place Broncos hoped to provide a positive at the end of a long season. The Rattlers were still mathematically in playoffs, but needed some big time help if they hoped to make the second season. The game opened up with a quick side-out from the home side to gain the service advantage. A Broncos hitting error on the next play saw the Rattlers open up a small margin. The Broncos got themselves on the board the next play and teams traded side outs. Another Broncos error saw the Rattlers grab a 5 point advantage. Up 7-2 the Rattlers looked to apply pressure, but Olds tried to stop the momentum with a timeout. The Rattlers were able to carry their momentum through the break and scored the next two points on Broncos errors. Another free ball from Olds and another Rattler point saw their lead increase to 8. The Broncos were finally able to answer and scored a quick point before immediately relinquishing the serve. The teams traded side-outs and the Rattlers again started to establish control. With Megan Hoeber and Brooke Christie in the front row, the Rattlers Defense was too much to handle. Any time the Rattlers got the ball on the attack they immediately converted. The lead silently grew to 11, with the Rattlers up 17-6. The Home side scored again to further increase their lead. The Broncos did not give up, continuing to scrap and claw against a far better Rattler squad. The Broncos strung together a few points to stay alive late in the set. But it was not enough as the Rattlers cruised to an easy first set victory, winning 25-13.

The second set opened with the Broncos able to score on a Rattlers error. They scored again on a sloppy play from the Rattlers defense. Rattlers setter Janessa Oelke took matters in her own hands and scored on a quick dump. The Rattlers equalized and the set was tied at 2. The teams traded side-outs as both teams tried to settle in to the new set. This trend continued as the score moved up early on in the set. Even as the score passed 8 the teams remained at a deadlock. The first break came at 11-9 with the Rattlers breaking through to grab a slim lead. This disappeared almost immediately as the broncos scored 2 straight to level it. Olds again gained the advantage after two passing errors on the serve. After 4 straight the Broncos lead 13-11. They were able to maintain their lead as they won a crucial rally. Feeling the situation the Rattlers subbed in a backrow player to try and change the momentum of the set. The Broncos continued to hold their slight lead, now up 18-15. The Rattlers errors on the attack and in passing were killing them in the second set. The Broncos led 20-16 forcing the Rattlers to take a timeout. The Broncos capitalized coming out of the break and increased their lead to 5 late in the set. The Rattlers turned around and scored 3 to close the gap. The Broncos answered and led 22-19. The next point went to the Rattlers and they reduced the Olds lead to 1, 21-20. This forced the visitors to take a timeout. The Broncos scored fast and regained their 2 point lead. the Rattlers answered right back keeping the set within reach. The score was 23-24 Olds, as the Rattlers served to try and tie the set. A quick roll shot to the open corner and the Rattlers had tied it. A Broncos Hitting error now gave the Rattlers a chance to serve for the set. The Rattlers quickly scored again and the Rattlers squeaked out a second set win 26-24, leading 2 sets to none.

The Third set opened with a service error from the visitors. The Rattlers followed this up with a quick ace to open a 2 point lead. They added to this with a quick kill off the free ball. The Broncos scored their first point on a Rattler error. The visitors followed this up with a quick ace to close the gap early. The Rattlers scored again on a big kill and a Broncos error to extend the lead to 4. With 2 quick points the Broncos were able to again close the gap. A long Rally on the next point saw the Broncos saving multiple attacks before the Rattlers won the crucial point. This added to the Rattlers momentum as they started to roll and opened up the lead, 9-4.  This forced the Broncos to take a timeout. The Rattlers scored on a long rally and extended the lead to 5. This lead remained as teams traded side-outs. The Broncos Rattled off 3 straight and closed the Rattler lead to 2. The Rattlers side Responded to this immediately and held on to their 3 point lead. Now 13-10 Rattlers, the Broncos scored an Ace to again close the gap. But every time the Broncos got close, The Rattlers were able to pull away just far enough to stay out of reach. The Rattlers scored 3 straight thanks to Meagan Hoeber's serving and lead 18-12. This forced the Broncos to take their second timeout. The break did little for the Visitors as the Rattlers were able to score again coming out of the break. Another point for the Rattlers, and they had put a stranglehold on the set. As the Rattlers continued to roll they were pulling away as the set ended with the Rattlers winning, 25-14 taking a straight sets victory.