Queens Sweep Weekend over Rattlers

In a rematch of the previous night the Red Deer Queens faced off with the Medicine Hat Rattlers. The home team Rattlers hoped for a better result than the night previous. The Rattlers desperately needed a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. The set opened up with the teams trading side-outs as both offences were working efficiently. Medicine Hat was defending better than the previous night and as a result was able to stay with the Queens. A very evenly matched beginning of the set, neither side was able to gain a distinct advantage. The first real advantage came as Red Deer maintained serve to take a 3 point lead 15-12. The teams battled back and forth as the Rattlers narrowed the lead to 1. Down 17-18 the Rattlers took their first timeout. Coming out of the break, the teams again traded side-outs. With the set tied at 20, neither team had a firm control of the game. Red Deer was able to capitalize on three straight points and take a late 23-20 lead. After scoring the next two, the Rattlers had a chance to even the set. The Queens scored and had a chance to serve for the set. Medicine Hat scored twice to even the set at 24. This back and forth affair was not over yet. But two quick points on dribble serves over the net and the RDC Queens took the first set 26-24

The second set opened up with a big block from Medicine Hat's Megan Hoeber. The Queens answered with a kill of their own, setting up what looked to be an even set. The Queens again turned to serving at the tape and scored 3 straight to take a 6-3 lead. This forced the Rattlers to take an early timeout to regroup. This helped as the home side was able to tie the set at 7. As the set progressed the teams looked very even trading points and carrying out longer rallies. The score did not differ more than 2 points the whole set as the teams remained very even. Again, late in the set the score was tied at 17. Medicine Hat scored 2 to take a small advantage. Red Deer immediately responded with two of their own. The deadlock remained at 20, neither team able to pull away. The Queens took the lead 23-22 and the Rattlers took their second timeout. Another Rattler hitting error coming out of the break and they found themselves up against a wall. Another quick Queens Kill and they took the second set 25-22, and led 2 sets to none.

The third set opened with a long Rally with both sides coming up with incredible digs. Eventually the Rattlers were able to capitalize and open the scoring. The Queens responded with a quick side-out and the even match was once again underway. As the score climbed the teams remained with one point of each other as the scores reached 10. With the teams trading side-outs the score remained matched. The first two point margin of the game came at 15-13 with the Queens stringing together points. They added another on a Rattlers passing error. The Medicine Hat struggle continued as the Queens scored another to make the score 17-13, forcing the Rattlers to take a timeout. Red Deer continued to pull away as the set got closer to finished now 19-14 the Queens simply needed to continue to execute and they would take the match. The teams traded side-outs as the result was all but final. The Queens held on to take the third set 25-15 and 3 sets to 0.

The ACAC Players of the game:

RDC: Alexandria Greenshields

MHC: Shaya Suchy