Wolves First Home Game of 2019

Wolves First Home Game of 2019

The Wolves (currently tied for 4th) hosted the 3rd place University of Alberta Vikings for their first home game of 2019. Both teams were eager to start play in front of a large crowd. The crowd was excited to watch Volleyball after a long Christmas break.

The first set was close as the teams rallied back and forth until the Wolves pulled away at 16-9. #1 Megan Koch lead the Wolves with kills and #13 Rae Metrunec lead the Vikings with kills. The Vikings tried a few different tactics however the Wolves ended it 25-17 with a kill from Megan Koch.

With the Wolves up 1-0 they were ready to attack the 2nd set. They jumped out to a quick lead 12-7. Vikings dug in and tried to close the gap. A big block from the Vikings brought the score within 2, 13-15. A kill from #8 Shaelyn Boyes tied the game at 15. At 19-18 the Vikings took the lead. A smart tip near the end of the set and the Vikings take the lead 24-22. The kill from #4 was too much for the Wolves to respond to and the Vikings took the set 25-22.

All tied up at 1-1, both teams ready for the 3rd set. The set went back and forth until the Wolves tried to finish it up at 23-20. Successful with a couple blocks and a strong kill from #14 Vanessa Belzile the Wolves take the 3rd set 25-20.

The 4th set started all Vikings. They went up 5-1. The Vikings didn't let up, strong kills and blocks put the Vikings up early 13-6. The Wolves call a time out at 8-16 to try and get things going. Vikings kept brining the kills to take a 20-11 lead late in the set. The set ended 25-14 for the Vikings.

Ready to go to a 5th set. Game tied at 2-2. The opening point was a kill from the Vikings. Both teams battled hard back and forth until the side change. 8-4 at the change. Wolves called a time out. Out of the time out Megan Kock comes out with a big kill to make it 5-9. Tough battles on both side of the net, the set ends 15-10, and the Vikings take the game 3-2.

Player of the Game for the GPRC Wolves is #1 Megan Kock with 13 kills and 3 aces. Player of the Game for the Augustana Vikings is #16 Danielle Brockman.

Both teams are back in action tomorrow at 1pm.