WVB | Kodiaks Fall to The Lions in 5 Sets

WVB | Kodiaks Fall to The Lions in 5 Sets

Oct. 27th A competitive and nail biting 5-set game between the Lethbridge Kodiaks and the Ambrose Lions gave the Lions another win for their league games

The Kodiaks and Lions fought hard to pull ahead of one another in the first set with a close point battle. The Lions were able to gain a small lead by two points but, the .Kodiaks kept fighting gaining two of their own points against the Lions nearing the end of the first set. With the first set being so close, Ambrose was forced to call a timeout. An aggressive rally gives Ambrose a one-point advantage after a difficult pass from the back court barely squeezing over the net. The momentum of the team shifts heavily to the Lions court allowing them to gain the win of the first set with a score of 25-22.

As the battle continued into set two neither team showed signs of backing down. Both the Kodiaks and Lions went point for point making the game intense for the fans. Midway through the set, Lethbridge coach Anna Schwark, called a timeout to help her team focus. This proved to be effective as the Kodiaks took the lead forcing Ambrose's coach Colin Kubinee to also call a timeout. However, the Kodiaks had too much momentum to be stopped. These ladies kept it very exciting with a score of 30-28 for the second set.

Moving into set three, both teams' spirit and intensity were at an all time high. LeeAnne Arnott sent some crucial serves into Lions territory keeping them on their toes. With another close battle, the Lions were able to get ahead in the end with a score of 25-20.

Set four started out strong for the Kodiaks with their aggressive hits and amazing defense. However, the Lions were not willing to give up that easy. They gave it their all and were able to tie the game, only for the Kodiaks to take the lead once again. An amazing 4-point streak gave them the set point and led them to the fifth set with a beautiful smash from LeeAnne Arnott.

One after another, the Kodiaks and Lions battled out the fifth set with passion. Laura Serafini tied the score with a huge spike making sure her team stayed in the game. Shortly after, placing another ball through the Lions wall to once again keep her team all squared up. Ashley Wolensky retaliated quickly to Serafini's offence by smashing in her own ball against the Kodiaks to put the Lions up 11-10. Lethbridge took all measures possible to go for the win as they called a time out with the score sitting at 14-10 for Ambrose. With impressive momentum and aggressive offense from Ambrose they earned themselves another league win with a score of 15-10. 

Players of the Game:

Kodiaks: #6 LeeAnne Arnott

Lions: #3 Journey Flewell