Ambrose Unable to Win on Senior Night

Ambrose Unable to Win on Senior Night

In their last game of the year, the Ambrose Lions challenged the Olds Broncos in a Sunday matinee. After losing their first matchup in Olds this year 5-0, the Lions were looking to take advantage of their home field. 

The Broncos managed to get one the board first with a lob getting over keeper, Janelle Perry.  Mackenzie Mohr put Olds up by 1 thanks to an assist by Sydney Schlamp. Ambrose however wouldn't go down without a fight as in the 45th, minute, just before halftime, Bethany Herman scored thanks to a pass from Kaitlyn Vail evening the score at 1 a piece. 

It took only just over a minute after halftime for the Lions to score their 2nd of the game.  This time senior after being set-up by Emily Hintz, Rachel Wolf put one past keeper Broncos Keeper, Auslin McDaniel-Perrin. 

Unfortunately for the Lions, tonight they were unable to hold their lead as the Broncos would score 3 times in the 2nd half to win 4-2. 

Paige Whitehead scored the winning goal from the Broncos in the 74th minute after a long pass from goalkeeper, McDaniel-Perrin sent her free.  Olds would add 1 more for insurance late in the contest, as late pressure by the Lions could not see them come back.   Olds Bronco, Mackenzie Mohr was recognized for her play, receiving Player of the Game recognition

In her final game as a Lion, Rachel Wolf was recognized with Player of the Game recognition for the Lions, and, was thanked after the game for all of her hard work and commitment to the program.