WBB | Kodiaks kick off season with a battle of Southern Albert

WBB | Kodiaks kick off season with a battle of Southern Albert

Jan. 4, 2019 - The Kodiaks were back in action for their first home game of the New Year in the Val Matteotti gymnasium. Taking on the first place team in the ACAC South, the Medicine Hat Rattlers, the Kodiaks looked to defeat them which would advance them to tie for second with the Olds College Broncos.

The Kodiaks stole an early lead in the first quarter, outpacing the Rattlers 8-1 after five minutes of play, guided by an impressive showing from Juhee Anderson. Not allowing the Kodiaks to set the pace for long, the Rattlers built momentum after finding the net on a string of shots to gain a five point lead of their own. Anderson kept the score tight with a 3-point buzzer beater to close out the first quarter 15-13 Rattlers.

After a chance to regroup, the Kodiaks came out with a new found intensity in the second quarter. Rattlers Kiana Mintz broke up the Kodiaks streak with a 3-pointer from the back of the pack. A series of Kodiaks fouls allowed the Rattlers to once again take control of the court, but the Kodiaks remained close on their heels, and capitalized on the final free throw of the quarter to head into the second half 28-28.

The second half of the game started out slow with both teams defense stealing the show. Two minutes into the third quarter Kodiaks Shayna Mathison scored the first shot of the half. The quarter maintained the same slow offensive pace, with the Rattlers falling behind the Kodiaks and unable to put their first point of the quarter on the board until a Kodiaks foul six minutes in. The Kodiaks closed out the third quarter with a 44-43 score over the Rattlers.

Proving their evenly matched skills, the Kodiaks and Rattlers kept a tight score to start out the final quarter of the game. Ultimately, the point-for-point battle came to a close when the Rattlers pulled ahead on a series of foul shots to claim the 70-58 game victory.

With this loss the Kodiaks fall to 6-3 in the season, while the Rattlers advance to 9-1. Both teams are back in action in tomorrow night as they travel to Medicine Hat to finish a home-and-home series.


Players of the Game:

Rattlers - #8 Morgan Muir

Kodiaks - #9 Juhee Anderson