Kings come back from 0-2 to win over Rattlers

The Red Deer Kings headed into the snake up to take on the Medicine Hat College Rattlers. The 5-1 kings hoped to put away the 1-7 Rattlers but the Rattlers were on their home court. The home side was able to build an early lead in the first half of the set, up 13-8 they looked to jump out to an early lead. The Kings, hoping to prevent further damage called a timeout. The Kings were able to battle their way back slowly through the set and trailed by only 2, 23-21, again using a timeout in a hope to battle back into the set. the Rattlers were too much, and were able to take a first set victory 25-23.

The intensity of the second set ramped up big as the Nationally ranked Kings dropped the first set. The Kings did not want to lose this crucial second set and  the Rattlers hoped to put a stranglehold on the match. The game was fast, high flying, and very even as the score flip flopped its way up the scoreboard. With the teams knotted at 19, it was anyone's game. The Rattlers scored the next point taking a 20-19 lead, forcing the visitors to burn a timeout. In the set the Kings received 2 red cards which allowed the Rattlers to open up a 22-19 point lead late. the Kings battled back to 22-23 before a missed serve gave the rattlers a set point. The Kings took their second timeout in order to ice the server. The Rattlers aced the next serve and took a 25-22 second set victory.

The Third set started with the teams trading points and timeouts. The Rattlers started to struggle to put the ball on the floor and the Kings took advantage jumping out to a 14-10 lead. this saw the Rattlers take an early timeout in an attempt to swing momentum back their way. The Rattlers were able to battle back within one, before the Kings again pulled ahead. Down 19-22 Medicine Hat called a timeout in their last attempt to steal the third set away. The Kings were able to win going away, taking the third 25-20 in the biggest margin of the day.  

The fourth set started with a flurry from both sides. Neither team giving an inch the tight game battled back and forth the whole way up the score sheet. Efficient offence was the game of the day, as both sides used their power to break through the teams were very even the whole way with the score tied at 17. The Rattlers scored 2 straight forcing the Kings to take a timeout. From here the Rattlers sacrificed the first point, but scored 2 straight after taking a 21-18 lead. the teams traded side-outs and the rattlers held a 2 point lead late. the Kings scored the next point and the Rattlers called a timeout leading 22-21. The Kings scored 2 straight out of the break and took a 23-22 lead only to be tied a second later. With the kings up 24-23 and serving for the set, the Rattlers took their second timeout. The marathon game ended at 28-26 with the Kings evening the match at 2 sets each.

The fifth set looked much like the first 4. A very even matchup between the teams. Some very close calls went in favor of the Kings late in the set and they found themselves holding a 13-9 lead. The Rattlers called a timeout in an effort to change the game momentum. With the kings scoring the first points out of the break, the 14-9 lead looked too much for the rattlers to come back from. And the Kings were able to pull off the Comeback all the way from 2 sets down to win the fifth 15-10.