Straight sets Victory for Rattlers over Broncos

The 0-20 Olds Broncos Travelled to the Snake Pit to take on the 10-10 Medicine Hat College Rattlers. The Broncos were hoping to play spoiler as the Rattlers currently occupied the final playoff position in the south. The Rattlers controlled their own destiny and could clinch a playoff spot by winning out the season. The first set opened with a Broncos serving error, followed with a Rattlers attacking error. Both sides looking to find their groove. Both sides struggled with the serve missing ¾ of the first serves of the game. The Rattlers could not find their offence as they committed 4 errors giving the Broncos a 6-2 lead. The home side quickly battled back to close the gap. Able to come up with the next 4 points tying the set at 6. The Broncos were able to finally regain serve on the next point. The Rattlers took their first lead of the set on a Keandre Evans Ace, answered immediately by the Broncos. The Medicine Hat side started to find their offensive groove as the set approached the midway point. Finally clicking they were able to grab the momentum forcing the Broncos to take a timeout. Coming out of the break, the teams traded side-outs as the score passed the midway point of the set. Neither team able to break through and take control of the game. The Rattlers were finally able to break through thanks to some Broncos errors and solid attacking. They took a 17-13 lead and forced the Broncos to take a timeout. The visitors were able to create a sideout but nothing more as the Rattlers quickly took back the serve. The teams went back to trading side-outs as the game entered the late stages. The Rattlers continued to lead, now 22-17. After an Ace from Nickola Sreckovic, the Rattlers took control and rattled off the next 2 to take a 25-17 first set victory.

The second set started with Rattlers continuing to carry over their momentum. The Broncos snatched it back with a pair of big kills and a sneaky tip to take a 3-1 lead. Olds was able to keep the momentum up as they scored another 3 to the Rattlers one to take a 6-2 lead. This quick Broncos advantage forced the Rattlers to make a quick substitution. This seemed to calm down the home side as they quickly chipped away at the lead, reducing it to 2. The Broncos would not let the home side get any closer as the score neared the halfway point. The Rattlers trailed 12-9 as the Broncos came up with two huge blocks. As the Rattlers finally gained some momentum back with a huge kill they committed an error to kill their momentum. The Rattlers found themselves down 5 with the score 15-10 and needed to make something happen quickly if they wanted to come back in the set. 3 quick points from the Rattlers and they had again reduced the lead to 2, forcing the Broncos to take a timeout. Still leading 15-13, the Broncos came out of the break looking to make a quick side-out. They accomplished this and teams traded side-outs as the Broncos Maintained their lead. The Rattlers chipped away at the lead again, this time able to get within one. The Rattlers continued to struggle to close the gap as Olds was able to keep them at arms length. Up 23-20, the Broncos simply needed to trade side-outs if they wanted to close out the set. The Rattlers clawed back into the set and were able to tie it at 23, forcing Olds to take their second timeout. The Broncos were able to capitalize coming out of the break and had the chance to serve for the set. Medicine Hat took a timeout to ice the server. The Rattlers scored two straight out of the timeout and had their own chance to serve for the set. Able to capitalize on their first attempt to close it out, the Rattlers stole a set to take a 2-0 lead winning 26-24.

The third set started with a delay of game warning issued to the Broncos for coming on to the court too slowly. The Rattlers answered this with some solid defense, scoring on the block. The teams traded side-outs and the Rattlers took control of the game from here. Taking a 5-1 lead, the Rattlers were able to control the game playing in the lead. The broncos chipped away at the lead slowly as the score climbed out of the early stages. The Rattlers continued their strong play as they were able to build on their lead again. A controversial call allowed the Broncos to chip away to get back within striking distance. Every time the Broncos got close to the Rattlers, the Home side was able to find another gear and continue to lead. A point on a Crazy scramble play saw the Rattlers re-take their 5 point lead, and forced the Broncos to take a timeout. The Rattlers came out of the timeout with a huge kill on a party ball and injected some energy into the gym. The Rattlers were again able to extend their lead and lead 18-12 forcing Olds to take their second timeout. the lead was now so large the Broncos would need a serious serving run to come back at this point in the set. The Rattlers cruised as they were able to win 25-18 taking a straight sets victory.