Lakeland Rustlers lose in a long 3 sets over the King's Eagles

The game between the Lakeland Rustlers and the visiting King's Eagles was a long 3 sets where the Eagles only won by 2 ponts each set. In the first the Eagles were able to get 16 kills on the Rustlers, a surprise to see as the Rustlers are known for their dominate defensive play. The Rustlers however were able to keep with the Eagles dispite for the 16 kills to their 9 and only lose the first set 23-25. The second set would be a long one as it tool over 30 mins to finish and the final score was 31-29 in favour of the Eagles. There were many lead changes and the score kept within 2 points most of the match. The Rustlers lose another close set 29-31 to the Eagles how are now up 2-0. Going in the third Rustlers gave a promising glimps they might take the third set. Service errors as well other ball handling errors from both side kept the game close to the end. After a intense game the Rustler lose the third set 23-25 and the Eagles win tonight 3-0. 

The player of the game for the Lakeland Rustlers #5 Cole Sutherland with 7 kills and 5 digs. The player of the game for the visting King's Eagles also #5 Evan Veldman with 17 kills and 4 digs.