Rattlers and Kings Split Weekend

Medicine Hat College Rattlers hoped to steal another game off the Red Deer College Kings after being victorious the night before. A big upset, Medicine Hat had taken the match the night before in 4 sets. Another win today and the Rattlers playoff chances would greatly improve. The first set opened with a quick point from the Rattlers after a Red Deer free ball. The Rattlers scored two more thanks to Kings attacking errors and led 3-0 early. The Kings finally answered on a Rattlers broken play. Two more Rattlers errors allowed the Kings to tie it at 3. As the teams settled in the back and forth play began. Today passing seemed less crisp than the night before and teams were scrambling to put together offence. Finally with 6 points each, both sides started to click and the offence started to look better. Neither team able to pull away, the even matchup from the night before carried through to today. The score knotted at 10 play started to ramp up again. With bodies flying across the gym both teams were putting in a maximum effort to save any ball. The Rattlers strung together 3 straight points and with a 13-10 lead forced the Kings to take their first timeout. The Kings were able to side-out their first play and the teams got back to trading serves and points. The Kings were able to chip away slowly and tied the set again at 15. The sides continued to trade points as the game neared the critical junction. Missed serves and unforced errors continued to haunt both sides. The Kings came up on the right side of two errors and took a 19-17 lead. At 20-18 the Rattlers took their first timeout in an effort to make up those two points. However the teams traded side-outs coming out of the break. The Rattlers were on the net for the next point and the Kings increased their margin. Now 23-20 the Kings were two points away from victory. The Rattlers scrambled for their lives a won a sloppy point. A huge block from Dexter Mackie on the next point and the Rattlers were within one. Red Deer answered and saw a chance to serve for the set. The Kings able to convert, took the first set 25-22.

The second set opened with the Kings carrying over their momentum. Two straight points to start the set saw them with the early advantage. They used this momentum to pad their lead to 3. Medicine Hat finally got their offence to click with a quick side-out. The Rattlers mental errors caught up to them again as they allowed the Kings to open a 4 point gap. The Rattlers were quickly able to battle back and bring the score within one, tying it on the very next point. The home side took the lead thanks to some big blocking up front. The score remained close with both teams battling for every ball. The Kings took a small advantage moving ahead 12-10. Another two quick points and the Kings held a 4 point lead, forcing the Rattlers to take a timeout. The Kings came out of the break continuing with their momentum adding 2 more to the lead. Another Kings point on a Rattlers error, followed by an ace, quickly put the set out of reach. As the Kings turned on cruise control the Rattlers were able to make up a tiny bit of ground. But the early lead was too much to overcome as the Kings easily took the second set 25-18  and took a 2 sets to 0 lead.

A crucial third set, the Rattlers needed to win to extend the match. The teams traded side-outs to start the third set. The Kings then took control. Scoring 4 straight they jumped out to a 5-1 lead. The Kings bench was able to keep their team fired up and scoring points. As the teams settled in the play started to even out again. The Red Deer lead remained, but there was no increase or decrease in the lead. As the Kings reached 10 the Rattlers had not been able to chip away at all. With a big block from Zach Frank the Rattlers were able to snatch back some momentum reducing the lead to 1, 11-10. Teams again traded side-outs as the Kings were able to slow down the Rattler attack. The teams continued to fight and battle for every point in a tightly contested match. The Kings killed a party ball and were able to re-take a 3 point lead. down 18-15, the Rattlers called their first timeout in an effort to battle back and steal a set. The Kings however were the ones to gain an advantage at the break. they expander their lead another 2 points off Rattler errors. With the score 21-17 Kings, the Rattlers were in desperation mode throwing anything they had at the Kings. The Red Deer offense was too good on this day as they were able to score at will. The Kings were leading 24-20 and the Rattlers took their second timeout in a last ditch effort to get back in the game. Too little too late, the Kings took the 3rd set 25-20 and swept the day.

The ACAC players of the game:

RDC: Tom Wass

MHC: Dexter Mackie