MSOC | Kodiaks reign over Kings in home action

MSOC | Kodiaks reign over Kings in home action

October 20, 2018 – The Kodiaks and Kings faced off on Kodiaks turf for an action packed final Saturday game of the regular season. 

The Kodiaks came hot in the first half, but the Kings were ready for them and broke open the first half before the Kodiaks had a chance with a header from Matthew Elphick off of a free kick from Matheus Alves.

The Kodiaks quickly regained control, testing out Kings 6'8" goal keeper, Austin Langdon, with back-to-back shots from Tyler Bolen and James Britton, but Langdon held them off.

It was Kodiaks Taylor Laviolette that ultimately put the Kodiaks on the score board, sneaking a shot in the corner off a pass from Ben Knight to tie up the game 1-1 early in the first half.

Maintaining their momentum, the teams held their 1-1 tie for the remainder of the first half.

The Kodiaks intensity continued into the second half, launching an assault on the Kings goal keeper, but Langdon held them off until Wilson Ntignee set -up James Britton with a beautiful pass, leading to the Kodiaks stealing a 2-1 lead.

The Kodiaks weren't finished there, a penalty kick from Ntignee found the King net to seal the 3-1 Kodiaks victory.

With this win the Kodiaks record advances to 7-3-1 while the Kings record falls to 6-3-2. The Kodiaks are back In action for their final game of the regular season at home tomorrow against the Lakeland Rustlers, while the Queens travel to Medicine Hat to take on the Rattlers.


Players of the Game:

Kings – #2 Matthew Elphick

Kodiaks – #6 James Britton