Day 3: Bronze Medal Game Keyano College vs NAIT Ooks of the 2020 ACAC Men’s Basketball Championships

In the Bronze Medal game, the Keyano Huskies were playing against the NAIT Ooks. Both teams started the game with calmer attitudes and worked more on their tight defense. As soon as the game started, the Keyano Huskies were able to lead the game with 10 points gap as they accurately executed their 3-points and lay-ups. The game continued with both teams tightening their defense which prevented both teams to gain more points. As the first quarter went by, the Keyano Huskies were able to maintain their lead with the score of 23-10. 

The second quarter started with a foul from the Keyano Huskies which gave the NAIT Ooks an advantage to gain a couple points. The Keyano Huskies did not seem to slow their performance down as they quickly scored 26 points and made it harder for the NAIT Ooks to turn the tables around. As there was a 30-points gap between the teams, the NAIT Ooks called a time-out. The second quarter ended with an impressive 3-points basket from the NAIT Ooks #8 Jamal Hinds and ended the quarter with the score of 51-27.

After the half-time break, both teams slowed down the pace to give time for strategic plays. The NAIT Ooks were able to tightened the gap from 30-points gap to 20-points gap. Different from the last quarter, both teams were defending their basket with a man-to-man approach. This strategy seemed to work effectively for the NAIT Ooks as they were able to block more passes and prevented the Keyano Huskies from scoring. The score at the end of the third quarter was 71-59 with the Keyano Huskies leading.

The last quarter was opened with a 3-points shot by the NAIT Ooks #25 Hugo Cluysen and free-throws chance for the Keyano Huskies #10 Dejon Davis. Changed up the flow, both teams played at a faster pace in this quarter. The NAIT Ooks impressively 18 points within 4 minutes of the quarter which heated the game up as the scores were getting close to each other (86-77 with the Keyano Huskies leading). The Keyano Huskies secured the Bronze Medal with the end score of 107-96.

The 2020 ACAC Men's Basketball Championship Player of the Game presented by Preston and Carol Wideman was awarded to the Keyano Huskies player, #21 Stefan Jovcic and the NAIT Ooks player, #25 Hugo Cluysen.