Clippers hot start Buries Rattlers

The Briercrest Clippers were in Medicine Hat to take on the Rattlers in the Snake pit for 2 straight. The Rattlers still had a very short bench after some mid-season losses saw them short in depth. The Clippers scored the first 2 baskets of the game with some sloppy play at the start of the game giving up 2 easy turnovers. A miss on the offensive end saw the clippers take a 9-0 on a deep 3 from RILEY Seaborn. The Rattlers finally for on the board with Kieron Burgess getting to the line and making both. The Clippers continued to pick off passes and cause turnovers jumping out to a 15-2 lead. Medicine Hat tried to come out of the break strong but just missed a deep 3 point attempt. JJ Woodbine came off the Bench for the Rattlers to hit a 3 on his first touch, but the Clippers continued to pull away up 21-5. Medicine Hat had a tought time early breaking down the Clippers defense. The high pressure full court press was causing havoc for the home side, unable to get set up offensively, they were struggling to convert on anything in the Clippers end. Briercrest handily took the first quarter up 35-10 at the break.

The second quarter started with the Rattlers able to finally score on two straight possessions. Briercrest responded with 2 straight 3's instead. This only increased the Clipper lead and took the crowd right out of the game. With 6 minutes on the clock, the Clippers lead 44-18. Medicine hat looked discombobulated and all over the court on defense. On offense it looked like a comedy of errors. The Rattlers finally started to find something on offense but could not stop the clippers on defense. The 25 point lead remained late in the quarter with the quarter much more even than the previous. Near the end of the half the Rattlers had even reduced the deficit to 20, down 31-51. The teams traded baskets and at the half the score was 53-33

The Snake Pit emptied out a bit at half as the Rattlers faced a 20 point deficit. The Remaining fans seemed to get louder in their absence. Briercrest quickly re-established their 25 point lead scoring the first 5 of the quarter. Medicine Hat's Kieron Burgess answered with 6 of his own keeping the 20 point lead consistent as the time in the quarter ticked down. With 5 minutes on the clock the lead did not fluctuate as the teams traded  baskets and misses. Briercrest was content to trade possessions and keep the Rattlers well beyond arms reach. As the clock got below 2 minutes the pace and intensity once again picked up. The quarter ended with the Rattlers Trailing 56-74.

The Fourth quarter opened with the teams trading baskets on both ends. The Clippers again went on a bit of a run and took over once again before the Rattlers could stem the bleeding. The Clippers re-gained their 26 point lead, going up 86-60. They added 3 more before the Rattlers could finally respond. with the game all but over, the last 5 minutes would only change the final score not the result. The Clippers eclipsed the century mark with over 2 minutes remaining in the game. The Game ended with a 20 point clippers win 103-83.

The ACAC Players of the game were Nelka Edoa for BC and Kieron Burgess for MHC.