Rustlers take a win against the Kings in the last game of their seasons

For the 5th/6th place game for the 2019 Men's Basketball Championship game was between the Lakeland Rustlers and Red Deer Kings. It started off with a lot of energy from both teams, with both locking down on defence. The Kings forced the Rustlers to shoot jumpers which they struggled to knock down. The first quarter was close the whole time as both team traded baskets. The Kings go up by 2 point to end the first quarter with a score of 17-19.

The Rustlers throw out the half court press to start the second which forced a number of turnovers by the Kings. The Rustlers take back the lead at the 7 minute mark. Both team begin to put more pressure on the ball handler which caused for fast break opportunities for both team. It continues to be a close game till half; Kings hit a three to go up 5 points. The score was 35-40 for the Kings. 

Turnover by the kings to start the second half turns into fast break points for the Rustlers; Rustlers tie the game up at the 8 minute mark. They continue to trade baskets, as the teams intensity picked up the frustration from both sides was noticed. 5 technical were thrown out that game and 3 just in that quarter. The third end with the score of 56-55.

The final quarter would bring high energy from the players as well as the crowd. Around the 6 minute mark the Rustlers hit back to back 3's putting them up by 8. A dunk by #2 Artavia Hoilday from the Rustlers bring the crowd to their feet as the gym erupts in cheers. As the quarter comes to the end the Rustlers with the lead take advantage of the clock by slowing down their offence. The Kings looked defeated by the end and were unable to chip away at the Rustlers lead. The Rustlers win the game 71-63; players of the game for the Rustlers #2 Artavis Holiday and for the Kings #15 Eric Bakker. For the 2nd team tournament all-stars for the Rustlers #2 Artavis Holiday and for the Kings #21 Spencer Klassen.