Concordia Thunder win the first game of the 2019 MBB Championship

The Concordia Thunder come out stong to start off the 2019 men's basketball chamionships against the Ambrose Lions. The Thunder get off to a good lead early to start the first quarter by attacking the Lions defense at getting to the line. The Lions struggle to find a rhythm offensively till late in the first where #10 Isaac Grey and #6 Jaden Green contributed 2 three pointer to help chip away at the lead the Thunder had. The first quarter ended with the Thunder up by 10 points on the Lions; the score 27-17. Both teams start off the second quarter trading foul for foul as the intensty picked up by both teams. It would be the fouls the would hurt the Lions in the second quarter as they ended with 8 fouls to the Thunders 3. The foul issue by the Lions allowed the Thunder to capitalize off the free throw line. The Thunder started the second half with huge lead as the score was 59-34 for the Thunder. The Lions came out more aggressive in the third quarter and competed every possession against the Thunder. However, the Lions still were unable to stop the Thunders strong offensive game the Thunder brought into the play-offs. The final quarter the Lions looked to pick up the pass and make agressice takes to the basket which they looked to be missing in the first half. It would end up not being enough as the Thunder continue to stretch their lead. The Player of the Year #9 Ryan McClearn had a dominate game scoring 35 points and was able to knock down 3 consecutive three points for the Thunder later in the fourth. The Thunder dominate most of the game and take the first win of the tournament with a socre of 113-80. The players of the game for the Concordia Thunder #15 Ronald Bacon Jr. 27 points 4 rebounds; for the Ambrose Lions #10 Isaac Grey with 25 points. The Thunder move on to the semi finals tomorrow.