Rustlers lose their last game against the Vikings

After  tough lose on the road last night against the Viking, the Rustlers hope to end their regular season with a win and take that momentum into play-offs. The game was fast paced, up and down style of play through out the first quarter. The Rustlers however were unable to knock down their feild goals as they went 7-21 but a couple three's kept them in the game against the Vikings. The second quarter the Rustlers took that quarter as they found ways to get baskets, along with intense defense they were able to out-score the Vikings by 9 points that quarter. The Rustlers take back the lead going into half time with a score o 48-43. The third was close battle between the two team. The Vikings found themselves in foul trouble which help the Rustlers keep their lead going into the last quarter of play. By this point the Rustlers looked as if fatigue was hitting most of them which resulting in a number of defensive break downs and not capitalizing on offense. A huge dunk by #9 Ricardo Joesph hoped to spark something in the Rustlers but they could repsond. The Vikings dominated the fourth quarter score 31 points to the Rustlers 19. The Vikings end the quarter taking back the lead they lost in the second and end up winning the last regular season game. The Rustlers lose tonight 95-87.  Player of the game for the Rustlers #1 Adrian Richards with 16 points and 4 steals. The player of the game for the Viking #13 Elijah Schmuland with 25 points, 2 blocks and 6 rebounds.