Augustana and King's rematch

Augustana started the first quarter off strong, taking an early lead over the Eagles - although it was close, with only a 7 point difference in the scores. After that, Augustana kept their lead for the rest of the game. In the second half of the game, King's scored 23 points, and the Vikings were able to widen the gap in scores even further. Augustana's 3 pointers helped to shoot their score upwards over King's. Augustana was strong on defense, and King's found it difficult to penetrate and score. In the second half, King's began to make more shots, but it was not enough to close the gap in their scores. The Vikings took the match with a final scor eof 103-59, winning both of their games against King's this weekend. This was the final time these teams faced off. 

King's will be playing away from home in Grand Prairie next weekend, February 15 & 16. 


Players of the Game:
Kings: #5 Jamen Young 
Augustana: #8 Mason Hunter