WBB | Kodiaks conquer Lions in home action

WBB | Kodiaks conquer Lions in home action

February 2, 2019 – The Lethbridge Kodiaks were back in action on their home court to take on the Ambrose Lions, closing out a weekend home-and-home series.

The Kodiaks jumped ahead of Ambrose not letting them get many chances at a shot on the net in the first quarter. Kodiaks Christopher Schlauwitz scored 11 points trying to keep ahead of the Lions but Lions Riley Cordwell was not far behind, earning 9 points for his team. The Kodiaks hustle in the first quarter helped them to achieve an almost 10 point lead with a score of 23-17.

The Lions came in fired up for the second quarter ready to pull ahead and take the lead from the Kodiaks, but their intensity was only enough to pull even. Lions Lavius Swiednicki earned 6 points in the quarter, while Kodiaks Michael Clemons matched his scoring. The Kodiaks pulled into the half with a last minute shot giving them a 40-39 lead.

An aggressive start to the second half showed that neither team was ready to back down. The Kodiaks took advantage of an unsportsmanlike foul on Lions Riley Cordwell to build momentum and increase their lead to 57-52 heading into the final quarter. 

The Kodiaks continued to extend their lead early in the fourth quarter with Orin Porter Jr showing off his skills on the court. The Lions weren't ready to give in quite yet and built off a streak from Josh Daniel to tie the game back up. Ultimately, the Kodiaks were unable to defeat the Lions, dropping the game 78-77 on a foul shot.

With this loss the Kodiaks falls to 8-9 in the season while the Lions record advances to 12-6. The Kodiaks are back in action at home on February 15th as they take on the Briercrest Clippers.


Players of the Game:

Lions – #15 Riley Cordwell

Kodiaks – #8 Christopher Schlauwitz