Kodiaks sweep home and home vs. Medicine Hat

Hoping to avenge a loss from the night previous, The Medicine Hat College Rattlers returned home to face the Lethbridge Kodiaks on home court. The Rattlers got off to a quick start, but were cooled quickly by a 8-2 Kodiak run. This had the Kodiaks leading by 2 early in the first quarter. As time approached the midway point of the quarter, teams started to settle in on both ends of the court. Finally play seemed to favor the defensive team. Both teams were committing fouls and driving hard to the hoop. As the teams started to find their groove the game became much more back and forth. Both teams were running at top speed with a very even game at the end of the 1st. The Rattlers leading the Kodiaks 23-20.

The second quarter started with the same speed as the first ended. Both teams flying and taking the ball to the rim. This did not equate to points early as both squads failed to convert on their offensive chances. The second quarter seemed to move at a slightly slower pace mostly due to fouls accumulating from both squads. This dragged play to a halt as the free-flowing game was now much choppier and broken up by whistles. This seemed to favor the Kodiak squad as they were able to keep some semblance of rhythm amidst the stoppages. This allowed the Lethbridge squad to keep the game extremely close only down 44-40 at the half.

The third quarter started with a Kodiak possession. This was quickly stopped by a Rattler steal and basket. This was the closest the Rattlers would be in the early going as they gave up 3 quick baskets and the Kodiaks grabbed a 50-49 lead early in the frame. Quickly extending this lead, the Rattlers seemed to be snake bitten in the offensive end. Nothing was falling as good opportunities were wasted with no finish. Despite this lack of finish and 2 technical fouls called in the quarter, the Rattlers were able to crawl themselves back into the game. With a late basket and steal, Medicine Hat found themselves back tied after sacrificing an early lead. 64-64 a deadlock after 3 would set up an exciting 4th quarter.

Two quick baskets from the Lethbridge Kodiaks saw them jump out to an early 4 point lead. This was again extended the next time down the floor as Kodiak guard Nick Gibb nailed a 40 foot 3 pointer as time on the shot clock expired. Now a 5 point lead the Rattlers started to try and push the pace as the Kodiaks tried to use as much of the clock as they could. The Kodiaks were able to convert on their chances and again extended their lead, this time to double digits. Up 84-72 with 4:30 on the clock, Lethbridge needed only to burn time and continue to shut down the Rattler attack. As the game got into the final minutes the intensity picked up. Both squads fouling even harder saw an edge in the game that had not been there for the first 38 minutes. Both benches were animated to say the least. The coaches from both sides were yelling at each other across the scoring table. It was too much of a deficit to come back from as the Kodiaks won 97-88.