TKU Eagles lose a tight game vs. CUE Thunder

In the rematch of the CUE Thunder vs. TKU Eagles, the Eagles looked to tweak their game in order to break their losing streak. Meanwhile, the Concordia Thunder were still undefeated and looking to extend that once more against the Eagles. In the first, the Eagles came out with a vengence as they came out red hot, ending the quarter 27-17. In the second, the Thunder stepped their game up and outscored TKU 31-19, going into halftime up in tight game 48-46. In the third quarter, both teams turned up the defence, as they both scored the least amount of points throughout the whole game in the third. In the fourth, only being down four points the Eagles put on the pressure, but it was not enough. As the Concordia Thunder were able to hold the surging Eagles in the last few minutes, as the game ended 88-79. TKU Eagles will be looking to build off this game, as their next opponent will be the Lakeland Rustlers.

Player of the Game:
TKU Eagles: #11 Nigel Rolle
CUE Thunder: #9 Ryan McLaren