Rattlers stay Perfect in the Pit

A Brisk Sunny day in Medicine hat saw the Medicine Hat Rattlers Face off against the Red Deer College Kings. The Rattlers were in control of the game right from the opening tip. Some strong offence and great passing saw the rattlers up early. The game got more physical with strong play in the paint from both teams. The first quarter ended with the rattlers up 18-12 after a comeback from the kings.

In the second quarter the rattlers took control with help from Aaron Cameron and Jon Sappelton. They both moved the ball and drove to the rim drawing fouls and making baskets. After a 9-0 run the rattlers had control of the majority of chances. Half time came with Medicine Hat up 38-23.

The third quarter started quite physical. The Red Deer Kings racked up 5 fouls in 1:38 to start the quarter. This helped the Rattlers expand their lead early in the half. Frustrations boiled over with the kings when a towel used to clean the floor was unintentionally thrown at one of the Kings players heads. A technical, and his fourth personal foul saw the Kings Solon Ellis having to take a seat frustrated. This helped the Rattlers explode to a 20 point lead after 3. The Play of the quarter was a Monster Dunk from Daniel Mullens JR over two Kings defenders.

Early in the 4th Dshawn Tyrel of the Kings, took a technical and unsportsmanlike foul on the same play resulting in an ejection. Up 20 the Rattlers seemed to let off the gas a bit not pressing as hard on offence. 5 Fouls for Kings Forward Eric Bakker saw him forced to leave the game as well. Shortly after Solon Ellis committed his 5th foul forcing him out as well. This significantly shortened the Kings bench Leaving only 1 eligible player on the bench. The Rattlers Controlled the majority of play with the Kings Pressing and trying to score fast to get back into the game. However it was too little too late as the Rattlers Held on to Win  88-73.