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All games are held at Shell Place! C.A. Knight Way, Fort McMurray AB.

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Tournament All Stars


Nic Pasquotti, Lethbridge

Rodrigo Wogel Koebsch, Keyano


Igi Broda, SAIT

Santiago Raigoza, Keyano


James Carr SAIT

Angel Goldson, Keyano


Luke Arthur, Keyano

Tournament MVP

Angel Goldson, Keyano


Gold Medal Match

Game 6 Sunday November 1 2015 2 p.m.

Keyano Huskies 1 Lethbridge Kodiaks 0

Ghairat Meevagul in extra time off scramble in frront of net in first half was the winner.

Huskies Player of the Game Ghairat Meevagul 

Kodiaks Player of the Game Audenzio Alonzo

Game 5 Sunday November 1 2015 12 p.m.

NAIT Ooks  4 SAIT Trojans 1 

At the 22 minute mark Ooks Igi Broda broke in from the left side 22 yards out to dribble in and score with a hard blast. Seven minutes later Broda one touched to teammate Edem Morototsi from  about 16 yards out with Mortotski scoring for a 2-0 lead for Ooks at half against SAIT Trojans in bronze medal match

 Trojans made it 3-1 on a penalty kick by Darel Ejikeme at 86 minute mark with Broda scoring in extra time.

Trojans Player of Game Mike Hamm

Ooks Player of Game Ryan Gillie


GAME 4 Saturday Oct 31, 2015 2 p.m.

NAIT Ooks 1 Lethnridge Kodiaks 4


A beautiful turnaround shot from 23 yards out from Lethrbidge Kodiaks Koffi Akpaloo Nyavor besting NAIT Ooks goalies Justin Marler highlighted the opening 45 minutes in the second semi final of the day at the 2015 ACAC Men's Soccer Championships in Fort McMurray.

Kodiaks opened scoring off a direct kick set play at 22:40 Peter Ntgnee passing to teammate Nico Pasquotti who dribbled in from 20 yards out to beat Marler high to the right corner.

Nyavor scored his second goal in the second half and Kodiaks substitute Samuel Wabugwe found a passed ball through the crease on his foot for the score.

Kodikas scores: Koffi Akpaloo Nyavor 2, Samuel Wabugwe, Nico Pasquotti

Ooks scores: Igi Broda

Kodiaks Player of the Game: Koffi Akpaloo Nyavor

Ooks Player of the Game: Sebastian Cabrera


GAME 3 Saturday Oct 31, 2015 12 p.m.

SAIT Trojans 0  Keyano Huskies 2 


First scoring attempt came at 31 minutes when Huskies' Justin Lodge followed up on a Rodrigo Tavaras direct kick that rebounded off Trojans' goalie Shanon Cameron. Lodge had an open net, kicking wide across.

Trojans first threat was off Nicholas Aravena's corner kick, curling inches past Huskies goalie Luke Arthur and to the other side of the pitch.

At the 36 minute mark, Huskies' Santiago Raigoza with a man on him, lobbed the ball over the defenders head to teammate Rodrigo Wogel Koebsch who blasted the ball into the net.

Arthur made a big stop at the 43-minute mark as Trojans' Adam Zymirski was stymied from 11 yards out.

In the second half Raigoza on the attack, stumbled only to keep control of the ball with his feet, passing two defenders to score at 73 minute mark

Huskies scoring: Rodrigo Wogel Koebsch, Santiago Raigoza

Huskies Player of the Game: Santiago Raigoza

Trojans Player of the Game:Daniel Schager


Photos Erwin Kuhr

GAME 2 Friday Oct 30, 2015 2 p.m.

NAIT Ooks 6 Red Deer Kings 0 


Second half

Six minutes into the second half, the Ooks up an extra player, Cody Ashworth passed to teammate Luis de la Torre Navarro for the first goal of the match which was played in 6 degree weather. Navarro scored his second goal at the 62 minute mark and less than a minute later Kings' left back Bezham Aiam was ejected leaving his team short two players. Sebastian Cabrera scored on a penalty kick at the 63 minute mark to make it 3-0 and goal by Navarro at 70 minute, Igi Broda at 73 minute and Ashworth at 79 minutes made it a 6-0 final.

First half

First scoring attempt of the game was off of a designed corner kick when NAIT's Edem Mortotsi blasted a passed ball at Kings goalie Luke Owen. Kings Andrew Jevne was given a red card at the 44-minute mark.

NAIT goals: Luis de la Torre Navarro 3, Cody Ashworth , Igi Broda, Sebastian Cabrera,

Player of the Game NAIT: Luis de la Torre Navarro

Player of the Game Red Deer: Alim Hirji


 GAME 1 Friday Oct 30, 2015 12 p.m.

SAIT Trojans 2 Kings Eagles 1 


Second Half

Trojans Daniel Schager had a second attempt at goal off a cross from Francisco Miron with a header high at 66:00. Eagles’ goalie Gregory Vander Vinne cleared the ball at the 75 minute mark but was picked off 30 yards out by a Trojan's player who one touched it to Adam Zymirski for a few dribbles, shot and goal. The winning goal came at 82:00 from Trojans' Muricio Rosas.

First Half

Trojans Yassin Yusuf blocked a Kings shot at the eight minute mark. First real threat for a score came at 19:30 when an Eagles' Volkan Yasa header went wide of the Trojans net. With the Trojans offence pressing, Daniel Schager had a wide open net and hit the far left post at the 40 minute mark. At 44:22 off a direct kick, Eagles Brendon Degner scored off a teammate’s header to make it 1-0 at the half.

SAIT goals: Muricio Rosas,  Adam Zymirski

Kings goals: Brendon Degner

Player of the Game SAIT: James Carr

Player of the Game Kings: Jesse Fuentes

Photos Sean McLellan 

Players of the Game selected by Curtis J. Phillips: ACAC Sports Writer, Keyano Huskies Sports Information Officer, Play-by-Play

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