Commissioner's Casebook


This Case Book contains selected examples of the ACAC Commissioner’s rulings as well as decisions made by the CCAA and the ACAC Executive Committee. These rulings deal with past cases involving questions of eligibility, code of ethics violations, financial assistance limitations and acts of misconduct regulated by the ACAC Operating Code.

The following cases represent a summary of the nature of the rulings rendered by the Commissioner, organized by their location in the Operating Code and cross referenced by topic. The reader should note that cases are not determined or intended to be precedent setting unless otherwise indicated. Rulings should be considered as guidelines only and may vary on a case by case basis.

Please note the list of cases below is listed in chronological order from the most recent (e.g. the current season of play). The list contains cases dating back to the 2007-08 season.  Additional seasons shall be added at a later date.


To find the case or a precedent you are looking for, use the search function, enter the key word you believe will identify the case or type of case in question.   You may use a surname if known, the sport or the college (please note a college name/acronym which has changed has not been updated so previous college names and/or acronyms will be required to retrieve all cases associated with that institution).  Cases including this identifier will then be displayed below in chronological order from most recent.