ACAC Hall of Fame Inductee: Dr. Garry Gibson

ACAC Hall of Fame Inductee:  Dr. Garry Gibson

Garry "Gibber" Gibson and his wife Dorothy have served Augustana for over 30 years. Their motto has been, through outdoor leadership and athletics, to lead young people to a greater awareness of the natural world, themselves, others and ultimately, their God. They continue to be involved with Augustana, church, and sports.

Based on his PhD research in 1976, Garry designed the Outdoor Leadership Program at Augustana. He helped devise Augustana's cross-country and biathlon programs: in 1973, with a $5,000 grant for ski equipment from the Camrose Rotary Club, Garry was able to start the cross-country ski program. Over his career, he coached both the Camrose Lutheran College's Canoeing and Cross-Country Ski Teams – both highly successful in the ACAC until he retired in 1996.

Garry received Augustana's 1995 Betty Osterud Award for excellence in service in 1995.