• ACAC Hall of Fame Inductee: RDC Men's Volleyball 1999/00-2006/07
    May 13, 2017
    The RDC Kings Volleyball program carved their place in CCAA history by winning eight CCAA national championships from 1999-2007 – the longest run of supremacy in CCAA history in any sport. What makes this steak even more remarkable is the fact that the majority of players were enrolled in 2-year Transfer Programs so the faces changed annually over the extent of the run of success.
  • ACAC Hall of Fame Inductee: SAIT Men’s Hockey 2006/07-2009/10
    May 13, 2017
    With ACAC men’s hockey launched back in 1965-66, only two members have ever won four-consecutive Championships in a row. The first was the Edmonton-based NAIT Ooks from 1983-1987, followed by the SAIT Trojans 2006-2010. During these four seasons, the Trojans’ regular season record was an impressive 76-15, finished up by a 24-10 playoff record.