Academic Athlete Awards

An ACAC Academic Athlete Award shall be presented to those student-athletes who achieve an academic honours standing as defined by each particular institution.  The award shall apply to athletes in all sanctioned ACAC sports who have used a year of eligibility in the academic year for which the award is presented.  To be eligible, a student-athlete must achieve honours standing in at least one semester and present an honours standing witha combined GPA for two terms of attendance.

2018-19 Season

Ambrose University

Mackenzie Lightburn Women’s Basketball 
Regan McCaffrey Men's Soccer
Nathan Polonenko Men's Soccer
Lucas Reimer Men's Soccer
Matthew Siebring Men's Soccer
Everett Sylvester Men's Soccer
Jared Zimmer Men's Soccer
Kara Friesen Women's Soccer
Katrina Friesen Women's Soccer
Bethany Herman Women's Soccer
Madison Kelher Women's Soccer
Mackenzie Lobb Women's Soccer
Rebecca Morris Women's Soccer
Janelle Perry Women's Soccer
Teagan Willems Women's Soccer
Rachel Wolf Women's Soccer
Mark Fountain Men’s Volleyball
Graeson Bergen Men’s Volleyball 
Peter Hernandez Men’s Volleyball 
Jared VanderZwaag Men’s Volleyball 
Sarah Janz Women’s Volleyball
Julia Kemper Women’s Volleyball
Madyson Kerr Women’s Volleyball
Vanessa Boone Women’s Volleyball
Somer Bartel Women’s Volleyball
MacKenzie Schmidt Women’s Volleyball


Briercrest College

Josiah Friesen Men’s Hockey
Daniel Dekoning Men’s Hockey
Zachary Loewen Men’s Hockey
Trey Doell Men’s Hockey
Jordan Schnitzer Men’s Volleyball
Mikayla Benterud Women’s Volleyball
Daniel Nelson Men’s Basketball
Shaelyn Beswitherick Women's Basketball


Concordia University of Edmonton

Dallan Bencharsky Badminton
Kaylee Morris Badminton
Takeisha Wang Badminton
Desmond Wang Badminton 
Nicolas Pittman Badminton/Golf 
Taylore Maschmeyer Curling 
Sarah Chmilar Curling 
Gina Friedrich Curling
Dylan Brown Golf
Riley Higdon Golf
Ian McLellan Men’s Hockey
Jakob Lavoie Men’s Hockey
Chance Thomas Men's Hockey
Sam-Jaxon Visscher Men's Hockey
Rebekka Hay Cross Country/Indoor Track
Ian Novakowski Cross Country/Indoor Track
Keaton Souster Men's Basketball
Carsten Ritter Men's Basketball
Armaan Bhinder Men’s Soccer
Kenneth Johnson Men’s Soccer
Samuel Kohan Men’s Soccer
Matthew Hanson Men's Soccer
Walid Izri Men's Soccer
Evan Gagliardi Men's Volleyball
Chace Maris Men's Volleyball
Kyle Klein Men's Volleyball
Wyatt Turnbull Men's Volleyball
Els Hryniw  Women’s Basketball
Madison Murdoch Women’s Basketball
Allison Raitz Women’s Basketball
Amy Van Brabant Women's Basketball
Gabrielle Bayne Women’s Soccer 
Selina Verkland Women’s Soccer
Kyra Robinson Women's Soccer
Emma Derbyshire Women’s Volleyball
Megan Bieraugle  Women’s Volleyball 
Shae McDonald Women’s Volleyball 
Tianna Smith Women’s Volleyball 



Krista Frey Cross Country/Indoor Track
Maria Houle Cross Country/Indoor Track
Anna Van Der Giessen Cross Country/Indoor Track
Dane Philipenko Men's Basketball
Logan Rempel Men's Basketball
Heidi Derksen Women's Basketball
Sophie Leslie Women's Basketball
Kelsey McQuaig Women's Basketball
Sophie Melin Women's Basketball
Carly Rombs Women's Basketball
Kaylee Rueker Women's Basketball
Chad Morrison Men's Volleyball
Sean Van Oosterwijck Men's Volleyball
Ryan Schwindt Men's Volleyball
Vanessa Belzille Women’s Volleyball
Keyana Anderson Women’s Volleyball
Karly Burkinshaw Women’s Volleyball
Bailey Chartrand Women’s Volleyball
Kelsie Dukart Women's Volleyball
Megan Koch Women’s Volleyball
Alexandra Pullishy Women’s Volleyball
McKenna Wolstenholme Women’s Volleyball
Michelle Brodeur Women's Soccer
Danja Fredrickson Women's Soccer
Sam Wiancko Women's Soccer


Keyano College

Shae-Lynn Barth Women's Volleyball
Harlee Cameron Women's Volleyball  
Jamie Ferns  Women's Volleyball   
Haley Field Women's Volleyball  
Lauren Huntley Women's Volleyball  
Kally L'Heureux Women's Volleyball  
Lauren Popowich Women's Volleyball  
Marlo Rathmann Women's Volleyball  
Milena Skrbic Women's Volleyball  
Mackenzie Stokes Women's Volleyball  
Raisa Stokes Women's Volleyball  
Skylar Van Der Kooi Women's Volleyball  
Kayla Wandowich Women's Volleyball  
Alexandra Whalen Women's Volleyball  
Georgia-Ann De La Cruz Women's Basketball  
Casey Gorieu Women's Basketball  
Kayla Lutterodt Women's Basketball  
Sarah MacDonald Women's Basketball  
Kaleigh Sellar Women's Basketball
Georgia Sherstan Women's Basketball
Kennedy Bate Women's Soccer/Futsal
Isabela Bustos-Chaba Women's Soccer/Futsal
Anna Coers Women's Soccer/Futsal
Taylor Fraser-Chaba Women's Soccer/Futsal
Brooklyn Gillam Women's Soccer/Futsal
Emma Jones Women's Soccer/Futsal
Jenna Mitchell Women's Soccer/Futsal
Blanca Palavecino Women's Soccer/Futsal
Maya Reid Women's Soccer/Futsal
Kya Soper  Women's Soccer/Futsal 
Danita Lichti Women's Soccer
 Radoslaw Brzozowski Men's Volleyball 
Liam Matheson  Men's Volleyball
Randy Popplestone  Men's Volleyball 
Brandon Quach  Men's Volleyball 
 Carlos Teixeira Costa Men's Volleyball
Cameron Visscher  Men's Volleyball 
Trey Weinmeier Men's Volleyball 
Dante Dinter  Men's Basketball 
Jonatas Michel  Men's Basketball 
Jonathan Bruggeling  Men's Soccer/Futsal
Eduardo Fiho  Men's Soccer/Futsal
Benjamin Fonkou  Men's Soccer/Futsal 
Junior Fonkou Nembot  Men's Soccer/Futsal 
Miquel Naqib  Men's Soccer/Futsal 
Julio Mierelles Men's Soccer


The King's University

Samuel Francisco Men's Basketball 
Malik Mate Men's Basketball
Craig Panek Men's Basketball
Hope Debruyn Women’s Basketball
Brittany Veldman Women’s Basketball
Aaron Steenhof Men’s Soccer
Kaleigh Greidanus Women’s Soccer
Lauren Hilton Women’s Soccer
Gabriella Rocque Women’s Soccer
Natasha Steenhof Women’s Soccer
Alexandra Velsink Women’s Soccer
Jonathan Milne Men’s Volleyball
Eli Nanninga Men’s Volleyball
Mitchell Wiens Men's Volleyball
Tracy Ewashkiw Women’s Volleyball
Trina Ewashkiw Women's Volleyball
Anna Janzen Women’s Volleyball
Avery Theune Women’s Volleyball
Sydney Warchola Women’s Volleyball

Lakeland College

Mark Anderson Men’s Soccer
Kiera Sunderland Women’s Soccer
Sterling Cannan Women’s Soccer
Marissa Leier Women's Soccer
Brielle Wall Women's Soccer
Ralion Simbulan Men's Basketball
Kobi Neureuter Men’s Basketball
Angela Baran Women’s Basketball
Meg Ferraz Women’s Basketball
Kaitlyn Tonita Women’s Basketball
Taiya Paylor Women's Basketball
Jaden Cook Women's Basketball
Jose Arellano Men’s Volleyball
Jana Laing Women’s Volleyball
Rae Sigurdson Women’s Volleyball
Brooklyn Boehm Women’s Volleyball
Avery Maginel Women’s Volleyball
Bailee Weiler Women's Volleyball
Ahnika Kuse Women's Volleyball
Katlyn Wilkinson Curling
Dale Mizera Curling
Connor English Curling
Jared Mason Curling
Carter Babij Curling
Ashley Hanke Curling
Jennalyn Alkestrup Curling
Marissa Davidson Cross Country
Justyna Kolodziej Cross Country
Alex Webster Cross Country
Kadee St. Croix Cross Country


Lethbridge College

Kayla Enders Cross Country
Danna DeGange Cross Country
Tristan Jochems Cross Country
Anna Leblanc Cross Country
Daniel Robdrup Cross Country
Shane Burdett Men's Basketball
Maid Daqqa Men's Basketball
Jackson Kasko Men's Basketball
Christopher Schlauwitz Men's Basketball
Christopher Anton Men's Soccer
David Low Men's Soccer
Seth Slomp Men's Soccer
Jaden Veluw Men's Futsal
Nathanael Heyburn Men's Volleyball
Michael Kindley Men's Volleyball
Cole Mack Men's Volleyball
Matthew Primrose  Men's Volleyball
Michael Svab Men's Volleyball
Zach Wikenheiser Men's Volleyball
Amy Berryman Women's Basketball
Kirsten Barwegen Women's Basketball
Brooke Heggie Women's Basketball
Haylee-Jo Heggie Women's Basketball
Kaylin Larson Women's Basketball
Shayna Mathison Women's Basketball
Karli McLachlan Women's Basketball
Matlin McMurray Women's Basketball
Jocelyn Neilson Women's Basketball
Courtney Peterson Women's Basketball
Anne Roth Women's Basketball
Juhee Thompson Women's Basketball
Brooklin Bellavance Women's Soccer
Meagan Judge Women's Soccer
Paige Gattafoni Women's Soccer
Stephanie Klassen Women's Soccer
Christine Moser Women's Soccer
Victoria Noronha Women's Soccer
Jasmin Salmon Women's Soccer
Aimee Santangelo Women's Soccer
Claire Armstrong Women's Volleyball
Leeanne Arnott Women's Volleyball
Carmen Nadeau Women's Volleyball
Jamie Brown Women's Volleyball
Sianna Cherweniuk Women's Volleyball
Andie Curran Women's Volleyball
Mackenzie Lewicki Women's Volleyball
Brooke Ringuette Women's Volleyball
Rae Whitehead Women's Volleyball


MacEwan University

Rebecca Bartz Curling
Taitan Hagglund Curling
Andie Kurjata Curling
Riley Ross Curling
Jordan Berget Golf
Justin Berget Golf
Hailey Turcotte Golf
Courtney Beierbach Women's Hockey
Karlie Bell Women's Hockey
Natalie Bender Women's Hockey
Carley Jewell Women's Hockey
Shyla Kirwer Women's Hockey
Jessi Rampton Women's Hockey
Dominique Scheurer Women's Hockey
Katresa Shwetz Women's Hockey
Beth Taylor Women's Hockey
Alexandra Thomson Women's Hockey 
Taylor Bilyk Men's Hockey 
Marc-Olivier Daigle Men's Hockey
Stefan Daneilson Men's Hockey
Cam Gotaas Men's Hockey 
Ryan Larochelle Men's Hockey 
Brett Magee Men's Hockey
Tyler Morrison Men's Hockey 
Cameron Reagan Men's Hockey
Jacob Schofield Men's Hockey
Brett Smythe Men's Hockey 
Ember Large Indoor Track
Owen Guenette Indoor Track
Ashley Tymkow Indoor Track
Scott Kohlman Indoor Track
Bailey Stang Indoor Track
Reece Runco Indoor Track


Medicine Hat College

Kieron Burgess Men's Basketball
Joshua Maqpantay Men's Basketball
Johnathan Sappleton Men's Basketball
Jaamel Slack Men's Basketball
Paige Cooper Women’s Basketball
Tatiana Dutka Women’s Basketball
Abygail Larochelle Women's Basketball
Kiana Mintz Women's Basketball
Morgan Muir Women’s Basketball
Kristen Skjonsby Women’s Basketball
Kaitlyn Byam Women's Volleyball
Brooke Christie Women’s Volleyball
McKenzie Griffith Women's Volleyball
Aimee Kondor Women's Volleyball
Janelle Neyron Women's Volleyball
Grace Porter Women’s Volleyball
Jennifer Saj Women's Volleyball
Shaya Suchy Women’s Volleyball
Nathan Chernik Men’s Volleyball
Austin Dennis Men’s Volleyball
Jonas Enns Men's Volleyball
Zachary Frank Men’s Volleyball
David Kent-Canalejo Men's Volleyball
Justice Lesuk Men’s Volleyball
Dexter Mackie Men’s Volleyball
Evan Nordlund Men’s Volleyball
Aiden Brandt Men’s Soccer
Ethan Hudec Men’s Soccer
Michael Gurski Men’s Soccer
Devin Simon Men’s Soccer
Matthew Wilson Men's Soccer
Albert Woodroffe-Brown Men's Soccer
Kaylei Hole Women’s Soccer
Jordan Fauth Women’s Soccer
Brooklyn Kalmring Women's Soccer
Cassidy LaRochelle Women’s Soccer
Crystal Siewart Women’s Soccer
Madison Tole Women’s Soccer
Emily Weimer Women's Soccer
David Coldham Golf
Kent Lesko Golf
Derek Whitson Golf
Sierra Zukowski Golf
Victoria Gendron Women's Futsal
Isreal Honig Women's Futsal
Arlind Misliu Men's Futsal



Samantha Hsu Badminton
Connie Juang Badminton
Bea Bernardo Badminton
Dana Algot Curling 
Nicole Sawiak Curling 
Emily Clark Curling 
Judson Crowder Curling 
Trygg Jensen Curling 
Jenna Bruce Curling 
Jacob Rahn Curling 
Shelby Van Den Brink Curling
Madison Graham Curling
Ryan Saville Curling
Nikolaos Papavaseiliou Men's Basketball
Keilan Dobish Men's Baskeball
Ryan Piche Men's Hockey 
Colton Waltz Men's Hockey 
Mark Roche Men’s Soccer
Simon Coat Men’s Volleyball
Devon Kline Men’s Volleyball
Hallie Watt Women’s Basketball
Allison Hunder Women’s Basketball
Kat McDougall Women’s Basketball
Mackenzie Emmerson Women's Basketball
McKenna Schultz Women's Basketball
Jennifer Gaeckle Women’s Hockey
Delaney Martin Women’s Hockey
Tanel Boeckman Women’s Hockey
Kaitlyn Slator Women’s Hockey
Brittani Bogdane Women’s Soccer
Mia Giles Women’s Soccer
Sarah Moorji Women’s Soccer
Kayleigh Pepper Women’s Soccer
Annika Jeglum Women’s Volleyball
Kaleigh Fisk Women’s Volleyball
Karly Kupka Women’s Volleyball
Emma Norenberg Women’s Volleyball


Olds College

Shayla Derko Women’s Volleyball
Karley Dieken Women’s Volleyball
Natalya Hauser Women’s Volleyball
Bianca Pollock Women’s Volleyball
Kayley Lloyd Women’s Volleyball
Janeen Pellatt Women’s Volleyball
Mason Muller Men's Volleyball
Devin Vriend Men's Volleyball
Emily Hill Women’s Hockey
Hanna Wadlegger Women’s Hockey
Karanpreet Gill Men's Basketball
Mason Logan Men’s Basketball
Cale Scotton Men’s Basketball
Katharina Oeltermann Women’s Soccer/Futsal
Paige Whitehead Women's Soccer/Futsal
Shane Vogelgesang Men’s Soccer/Futsal
Sydney Hodgkinson Curling
Jamie Kuzma Curling
Bret Marshall Curling
Brody Nestorvich Curling
Kacie Peever Badminton
Luther Jurke Badminton


Portage College

Brayden Dale Men’s Hockey
Taryn Kotchorek Men’s Hockey
Ryan Symington Men’s Hockey
Terix Fischer-Kobes Men’s Hockey
David Pryde Men’s Hockey
Gary Mindus Men’s Hockey
Eli Jarvis Men’s Hockey
Ian Jarvis Men’s Hockey
Trevor Posch Men’s Hockey
Mark Ziobro Men’s Hockey
Holden Daley Men’s Hockey
Jordan Pichard Men’s Hockey
Jerry-Lyn Apsassin Curling
Naomi Deroschers-Caron Curling
Connor Nikipelo  Curling
Shelby Stokke Golf
Brailey Martin Golf
Wade Doucet Golf


Red Deer College

Eric Bakker Men's Basketball 
Andrew Cunningham Men's Basketball
Hunter Atema Women's Basketball
Emaly Cooke Women's Basketball
Jessie Handley Women's Basketball
Mallory Uskiw Women's Basketball
Lauren Pasiuk Cross Country/Indoor Track
Shayla Sklaruk Cross Country/Indoor Track
Thomas Crawford Curling
Courtney Chesterman Curling
Gaige Weseen Golf
Jantzen Leslie Men's Hockey 
Dylan Thudium Men's Hockey 
Antonio Suhalj Men’s Soccer
Matthew Elphick Men’s Soccer
Kyle Bett Men’s Soccer
Kieran Johnston Men's Soccer
Timmo van Klaveren Men's Soccer
Adam Turlejski Men’s Volleyball
Gregory (Ryan) Beatson Men's Volleyball
Ben Holmes Men's Volleyball
Karissa Cullum Women’s Hockey
Jordyn Burgar Women’s Hockey
Miranda Cook Women's Hockey
Kaitlan Linnell Women’s Hockey
Catherine Longchamps Women’s Hockey
Ashley Sutherland Women’s Hockey
Camryn Wallan Women’s Hockey
Alisha Coules Women’s Soccer
Emily Richard Women’s Soccer
Nicole Davis Women’s Volleyball
Kelly Heinemann Women’s Volleyball
Katrina Dawe Women’s Volleyball
Parres Holliday Women’s Volleyball
Mckenna Olson Women’s Volleyball
Sydney Rix Women’s Volleyball
Jade Van Dyke Women’s Volleyball




Dean Allison  Men's Hockey 
Brendan Bartlett Men's Hockey 
Estevan Hale Men's Hockey 
Payton Lee Men's Hockey 
Dean Northover Men's Soccer/Futsal
Bradley Atherton Men's Soccer/Futsal
Alex Lyndon Men's Volleyball 
Melissa Woolley Women's Basketball 
Charlye Caldwell Women's Basketball 
Madison Douglas Women's Basketball 
Lucille Gerrand Women's Basketball 
Martina Allen  Women's Basketball 
Jillian Gibbs Women's Futsal
Skye Gordon Women's Futsal
Madelaine Lee Women's Futsal
Jamie McPherson Women's Futsal
Sage Meyers Women's Futsal
Chase O'Brien Women's Futsal
Hannah Partridge Women's Soccer
Autumn Schneider Women's Soccer
Anika Dyke Women's Volleyball 
Irina Korovina Women's Volleyball 
Kristen Leippi Women's Volleyball 
Kaylee Redelback Women's Volleyball 
Simran Dhami Women's Volleyball 
Taylor Ellis Women's Volleyball 
Hui-Chung (Ellie) Chai Cross Country
Aydan Desjarlais Golf
Danica Ferris Golf
Tanner Forman Golf
Amanda Vocke Cross Country/Indoor Track
Jacques Saayman  Cross Country/Indoor Track
Warren Emslie Cross Country/Indoor Track
Michael Drysdale Cross Country/Indoor Track


St. Mary's University

Kennedy Burgess Women’s Basketball
Sydney Deighton Women's Basketball
Emily Wagner Women's Basketball
Cordell Minnifee Men's Basketball
John Paul Okodua Men's Basketball
Ryan Tod Men's Basketball/Cross Country
Sophia Della Rosa Indoor Track 
Rebecca Johnson Cross Country/Indoor Track
Kim McEwan Cross Country/Indoor Track
Tanis Lefebvre Cross Country/Indoor Track
Jason Sprinkhuysen Cross Country/Indoor Track
Karen Vandenborre Cross Country/Indoor Track


UofA- Augustana

Austin Brulotte Men's Basketball
Nicholas Harder  Men's Basketball
Mason Hunter  Men's Basketball 
Jaron Lauber  Men's Basketball 
Darian Smigorowsky  Men's Basketball 
Keaton Smith  Men's Basketball 
Tyler Weenink  Men's Basketball 
Jessica Naenni  Women's Basketball 
Torey Lauber  Women's Basketball 
Alexis Myschuk  Women's Basketball 
Erin Van Kuppeveld  Women's Basketball 
Nils Asfeldt  Cross Country
Noah Day  Cross Country/Indoor Track 
Mackenzie Grove  Cross Country
Braeden Kelly  Cross Country/Indoor Track  
Hyun-Joo Lim  Cross Country 
Emily Lyseng  Cross Country 
Anne Mirejovsky  Cross Country
Kylie Peake  Cross Country/Indoor Track  
Timothy Shapka  Cross Country/Indoor Track  
Jackson Sweder  Cross Country/Indoor Track/Curling
Nathanael Tabert  Cross Country/Indoor Track  
Chase Brown  Curling 
Jensen Manners  Curling 
Dustin Rupertus  Curling 
Katelyn Skolski  Curling 
Blake Feth  Golf 
Michael Harrison  Golf 
Jean-Sebastien Rioux  Golf
Taylor Armbruster  Men's Hockey 
Zakery Babin  Men's Hockey  
Luksa Biensch  Men's Hockey  
Zachary DeGraves  Men's Hockey  
Joren Johnson  Men's Hockey  
Paul Lovsin  Men's Hockey  
Dillan McCombie  Men's Hockey  
Brett Ponich  Men's Hockey  
Joseph Tambasco  Men's Hockey  
Cody Young  Men's Hockey  
Chiedza Mutize  Indoor Track 
John Johnson Men's Soccer/Futsal 
Ethan Miller  Men's Soccer 
Toan Nguyen  Men's Soccer 
Brendon Ritchie  Men's Soccer 
Todd Yaremcio  Men's Soccer 
Madison James  Women's Soccer/Futsal 
Cassidy Newcombe  Women's Soccer/Futsal 
Julie Ostrem  Women's Soccer/Futsal 
Angela Tan  Women's Soccer 
Demi Vermeer  Women's Soccer/Futsal 
Gregory Kaliel Men's Volleyball
Duncan McDonald Men's Volleyball
Connor Sinamon Men's Volleyball
Bryce Turner Men's Volleyball
Payton Bouvier Women's Volleyball
Danielle Brockman Women's Volleyball
Sarah Dedrick Women's Volleyball
Rachel Edwards Women's Volleyball
Rae Metrunec Women's Volleyball
Amy Mudler Women's Volleyball
Rebecca Petrie Women's Volleyball
Jillian Slamko Women's Volleyball
Lauren Van Dyke Women's Volleyball
Karen Wagner Women's Volleyball